State Building Products: Your Trusted Source for Galvanized Steel

When it comes to building reliable structures that will last you for decades to come, you won’t find a batter material than galvanized steel. Cost-effective, long-lasting, and beyond durable, galvanized steel has been trusted as a go-to in the construction industry for almost 200 years.

But what is it about galvanized steel that makes it the essential structural steel for construction across the world? When we get down to it, what are the properties, exactly that make galvanized steel such a miracle material in construction?

In this month’s blog post, we’re discussing what makes galvanized steel so special, and why you should consider ordering some for your next project.

What Makes Galvanized Steel So Special?

In a nutshell, galvanized steel is the material of choice for construction companies because of its versatility. Let’s look at competing materials as an example.

Stainless Steel

Though stainless steel has similar corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal that galvanized steel does, it doesn’t see as much use as a construction materials because of how expensive it is. Compared to galvanized steel, stainless steel calls an labor-intensive creation process.


Like galvanized steel, aluminum is corrosion-resistant and multipurpose. But when it comes to strength and durability, it pales in comparison to galvanized steel.

Concrete and Masonry

Concrete and masonry solutions are aesthetically appealing, durable, and cost-effective. However, they lack the versatility and easy installation of galvanized steel.

All in all, galvanized steel is a one-in-a-million construction material. It looks good, it’s corrosion resistant, it’s cost-effective, it’s reliable in the long-term, and it’s easy to install just about anywhere.

Why Choose Galvanized Construction Steel?

Now that we’ve established the many strengths of galvanized steel, the question remains: why (and when) should you choose galvanized steel for your construction project?

Outdoor Applications

Because of its superior corrosion resistance, galvanized steel is the material of choice for outdoor applications. Though stainless steel is also a fair choice for the outdoors, as we discussed before, it can become expensive for larger projects. That’s why galvanized steel is preferred for outdoor projects that need to stand the test of time without any frills or extra purposes.

Industrial Facilities

Due to the low maintenance required to keep it effective, galvanized steel is also ideal for industrial facilities. For example, if you’re building shelving, conveyor systems, or equipment supports, galvanized steel will almost always be the best choice.

Recycling and Environmental Considerations

If you’re trying to reduce cost to the environment and possibly even repurpose a material in the future, then galvanized steel is the right choice. Not only can galvanized steel easily be repurposed, it’s also easy to convert into other steel products, such as stainless steel. In other words, investing in galvanized steel can save you (and our Earth) resources in the short and long term.

Do you think that galvanized steel is the right material for your next construction project? If so, then you’ve made a good choice. Our team at State Building Products is here to provide the finest galvanized steel solutions throughout Southern Michigan. To find out more about the many galvanized steel products we offer—or to order your own—click here to contact us today.