Backing for Metal Framing Material

Flat Sheets from State Building Products provide a multipurpose backer plate for you to add to support shelves, cabinets, fixtures, or handrails. Flat Sheets may also be used for floor and ceiling runners to be anchored securely to the structure. Whether you are using it for horizontal or lateral bracing of studs, State Building Products’ Flat Sheets provide wide-reaching support for your structure. Standard widths for our Flat Sheets are 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 24” and 48” and standard length for Flat Sheets is 8’ or 10’. As with almost all our structural steel, custom widths and lengths are available for your project upon request.

Standard Gauges & Design Thickness

20 Ga = 0.0346

18 Ga = 0.0451

16 Ga = 0.0566

14 Ga = 0.0713

12 Ga = 0.1017

flat sheets