Easy-to-Use Drywall Framing

State Building Products’ traditional drywall framing is a lightweight drywall system that brings a simple-to-construct design for non-load-bearing partitions. As a lightweight, strong structural steel system, the traditional drywall framing can be used for residential, commercial, and even industrial projects. With a simple but strong design, our traditional framing is easy to construct and install for any of your projects. If your project needs strength and resiliency, then you’ll find no better than State Building Products.

Construction Advantages

  • SBP/Legacy Drywall Framing is available for projects that require full-gauge drywall framing
  • Due to its strength and resiliency, it has been relied on by contractors for decades

Design Advantages

  • Full traditional gauges for projects with demanding architects and engineers
  • Consistent with standards set forth by the Gypsym Association
  • Preferred for use in installing specialty wall board including abuse resistant board and tile backer board