Customize Your Steel Frame

When your construction project requires a unique fixture within your steel framing, Angle from State Building Products can be the perfect solution. With almost an infinite number of applications, Angle from State Building Projects gives your project versatility and strength. Standard Angle is a 90 degree bend, with leg sizes of 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, and 3”, and length of up to 10’. However, we can make or source Angle in almost any size, gauge, or bend Angle for your project. With larger sizes, long and uneven legs, and angles of varying degrees, we can make an Angle that will work in your project. Most custom applications require a detailed drawing at the time of order, so we can best make your angles exactly to your specifications.

Standard Gauges & Design Thickness

25 Ga = 0.0188

20 Ga = 0.0312

18 Ga = 0.0451

16 Ga = 0.0566

14 Ga = 0.0713

12 Ga = 0.1017