Welcome to State Building Products

State Building Products is a manufacturer that provides steel framing solutions for the construction industry. At SBP we focus on building extra strength value into our products and relationships through our tireless dedication to quality and customer service. We produce the highest quality drywall and structural studs, track, and framing accessories on the market. With experience working with commercial builders and a drive to always find better, more efficient ways of providing quality framing, SBP can find the perfect solutions for you. Build a better building with SBP.

State Building Products

Interior Drywall Framing

When projects require non-load-bearing partition walls that require more strength than timber, State Building Products’ interior drywall framing does the job.

Structural Steel Framing

With capabilities to be used for exterior and interior framing for a variety of purposes, our structural steel framing stands strong no matter what it’s used for.

State Building Products


The accessories offered by State Building Products add additional support to constructed framework, strengthening your overall project.