Get Your Roof Inspected Before Winter Hits

We’re heading into the last part of summer on our way to fall, which means that the warm weather will be leaving us in a couple of months. While it may be too early to start worrying about snow and ice, now is the perfect time to get your home inspected and deal with any minor issues before Mother Nature steps in and makes them worse. Patriot Exteriors, LLC can provide you with a thorough roof inspection in which we will identify any existing and potential issues. Not all roof issues are apparent to the naked eye, so we take extra measures to inspect every component of your roof to ensure that your home is prepared for the harsh winter weather coming on the horizon. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the potential issues that a roof inspection from Patriot Exteriors can uncover.

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Minor issues with your roof, like loose shingles and small leaks, need to be addressed as quickly as possible. These issues can allow water to get into your home which can have a devastating effect on your home. Added water getting into your home can foster the growth of bacteria and mold in your home, posing a health threat to you and your family. Getting this bacteria or mold properly removed is a very difficult and expensive process. This extra water can also create a breeding ground for termites and carpenter ants that can cause significant damage to the structure, costing you thousands of dollars in repair bills. By getting a free inspection from Patriot Exteriors, you can get a jump on any of these issues before they become major repair projects. Make sure your home is prepared for winter and request a free roof inspection from Patriot Exteriors today.

We Can Keep Your Roof in Tip Top Shape

Patriot Exteriors is your full-service roofing company in Kalamazoo. Whether you want to replace your asphalt shingles, upgrade to durable metal shingles, or you need a full roof replacement, our experienced team will complete the work as quickly as possible to minimize any disruption to your normal daily routine. We complete every project with a strict attention to detail, resulting in a high standard of quality for your roof. Get peace of mind and contact the experienced professionals at Patriot Exteriors to get the roofing service you need for your home in Kalamazoo, Portage, or the surrounding areas.