Get Superior Construction Strength With Metal Floor Joists

When constructing a new home or business property, you need the structure to be strong enough to hold for decades without issue. While traditional wood can work for certain projects, using metal floor joists from State Building Products will provide you construction project with superior strength, no matter how large or small the project is. We can provide you with custom metal floor joists that will last and hold for the life of your property. In today’s post, we will discuss why using metal floor joists from State Building Products.

Stay in Compliance with Building Codes

Whether you are building a new home, a new office building, or a new industrial facility, there are certain building code and standards that must be met in order for the structure to pass its final inspection. This includes making sure that all floors are strong enough for the expected amount of weight it they are supposed to support. By constructing your building with metal floor joists from State Building Products, you will get superior strength that will hold for years to come. Not only are the metal joists stronger that wood, but they are also fire-resistant, making your building less vulnerable to damage from flames.

Work with a Steel Supplier with a Proven Track Record

The experienced professionals at State Building Products have worked diligently to build and maintain a stellar reputation for quality steel supply services since the early 1970s. Over those years, we have worked closely with our extensive client list, building strong relationships that we have maintained for years and years. We have experience working on projects of all scopes and sizes for buildings in various industries. Not only can we provide you with metal floor joists, but we can also provide you with external and internal steel framing for a reinforced structure you can rely on for decades. Get the strong steel framing you need from a supplier you can trust by working with State Building Products.

State Building Products has been the country’s leading supplier of structural steel for nearly five decades. No matter how big or small your next construction project is, you can count on us to provide you with the steel you need for superior strength. Contact us for more information about how we can help make your next construction project a complete success that will stand the test of time.