Custom Steel Framing for Strong, Durable Construction

The frame of a construction project represents the skeletal system that supports the entire structure. While wood is an acceptable framing option for smaller homes, larger buildings require a little extra strength to ensure long-term stability. State Building Products can provide you with structural steel for framing that result in a stronger building and less need for extra support beams, giving you greater flexibility in terms of the interior layout of the building. No matter the size or scope of your construction project, our steel framing will meet specifications and exceed expectations. In today’s post, we will discuss the benefits of using structural steel to frame your construction projects.

Structural Steel Customized to Your Specifications

When you rely on State Building Products to provide your structural steel, you are getting high quality steel that is ready to go right into construction. No matter the size, gauge, or bend you need for your structural steel, we can have it ready from the moment it comes off the truck. We can even provide you with angle steel framing to reinforce corners, stairways, and other areas of the building that may need a little extra strength. With the strength of this structural steel, you have the capability of creating a more open floorplan, which in turn gives greater flexibility for layout changes in the future.

Increased Stability and Safety with Structural Steel

It goes without saying that steel framing will be stronger and last longer than wooden framing. This makes the structure stronger and more resistant to extreme weather conditions, but there are other benefits to framing with structural steel. Steel is heat and fire resistant, reducing the chances of serious burning. The strength of steel also makes for stronger doors and windows, while also making it easier to seal them for increased energy efficiency. Steel is also recyclable, decreasing the building’s carbon footprint and allowing the steel to be repurposed, if necessary.

Since the early 70s, State Building Products has built and maintained a stellar reputation for providing the best steel framing products on the market. For more information about the steel framing products and other construction products we can provide for your business, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to adding your name to our already extensive list of satisfied customers.