Custom Additions for Steel Framing Systems

If you are in the process of working on a steel framing system for a new home construction project, there’s a chance that you will run into challenges in which worked steel is required to fit into the project where traditional steel framing would not work. This happens in cases where the size of the work area is insufficient, or the city’s layout is unique and steel framing is not sufficient to complete the project accordingly. The experienced professionals at State Building Products can handle all of your steel framing needs, from traditional steel framing to angle steel framing that makes unique positioning possible.

Framing to Fit Any Specifications

With Angle steel framing from State Building Products, you get the versatility to add on to any construction project to ensure your framing and construction project are as strong as possible. We have the ability to create or source Angle steel framing in the exact size, gauge, and bend to fit within the specification of any build, allowing you to complete even the most unique metal framing for your new construction. Angle steel framing can navigate around corners, fortify the property, and add additional support to your other metal framing, bringing your new build to completion while maximizing the life of your new construction.

Customized Framing for Any Project You Have in Mind

Besides the ability to match almost any angle or bend in your new build, Angle steel framing is also available in larger sizes and uneven leg lengths, allowing you to have complete control over how your building project proceeds. Our experienced professionals at State Building Products understand the problems that can arise through a construction projects. No matter how complicated your construction needs are, we can provide you with the structural steel framing to properly finish any construction project, no matter how small or large. All you have to do is provide us with a detailed illustration with clear specifications at the time of your order, and State Building Products can provide you with the angle steel framing that is perfect for your project.

The staff at State Building Products are dedicated to producing and sourcing the proper steel framing systems that customers throughout the area need for superior structural support for construction projects of any scope. Contact us today and let us know how we can assist you with your steel framing system needs.